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I work on Capitol Hill and I just can't seem to seperate my preppy lifestyle from my work.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tribute to Political Fashion #1

I know its way after Labor Day but I couldn't resist posting these few pics of some of our famous Senators in SEERSUCKER.

Republicans to hold the majority.

Check this out. Full proof that the repubs will hold the majority on the hill. Despite page sex, corruption, and southern accents. Champions. And thanks to the two readers I have.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend is here!

Its Friday and I am walking out of the office. What do I have to look foward to? Well being in politics and being 2 and 1/2 weeks from the elections I'm sure my calendar is full of cocktail parties, dinners, and just plain bad excuses for a good time. Well, off to my weekend of professional bullsh**.

I wonder if I will get any hits this weekend. Here's a way to see if anyone is reading: what are your nominees for the most preppy politician?

Everyone have a good weekend, remember to have fun, make 'em jealous of the good life, and cooridnate those croakies/koozies.

Beginning of a bad habit.

So, I'm starting a blog today. I have thought about this for some time. I have been reading several great blogs for a while now(preppyguy, wonkette, drudge), but I always felt that I had something extra to add. What really pushed me over the edge today was this little article in WSJ.
Your thinking, 'ok I understand why someone would make a political blog but why "prep politics" '? Well, the best way for people to approach politics is from their own prespectives, and mine just happens to be from the mind of a recent college grad, who lives in Washington D.C., works for a major lobbying firm, and happens to live as if the Preppy Handbook was my Bible.

This blog might start out a little slow but If you keep checking back I promise I will get the hang of it. I plan to comment on the Loser Liberal Left's jealousy towards the right and the Rightwing's closeminded "out-to-lunch" mentality that is slowly becoming their downfall. Eventually my political philosophy will come clear, but for now I just want to stay nuetral. I appreciate any comments regarding how stupid my Ideas are or how great my insight is.

Check back I will try to have something good this afternoon.